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At Be Right Burger, we've taken the art of burger crafting to a whole new level. We're not just about making burgers; we're about making them right. Our commitment to quality, taste, and innovation sets us apart in the world of burger joints. So, come on in, take a seat, and get ready to experience burger perfection like never before.

Our Story

Be Right Burger isn't just a place to eat; it's a passion project that started with a simple idea: to craft the perfect burger. Our journey began with a team of burger enthusiasts who set out to create a burger that's not only delicious but also made with the finest ingredients, cooked to perfection, and served with a smile. That vision has become a reality, and today, we're proud to share it with you.

Our Menu

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with a menu that's not just mouthwatering but also incredibly diverse. From classic cheeseburgers to inventive creations that push the boundaries of flavor, we've got something to satisfy every craving. And don't worry, we haven't forgotten our vegetarian and vegan friends - our plant-based options are just as exciting and delicious.


Quality Ingredients

We believe that great burgers start with great ingredients. That's why we source the freshest, highest-quality meats and produce to create the perfect burger bite every time. Our commitment to quality extends to our buns, sauces, and toppings, ensuring that every component of your burger is top-notch.


Innovation & Customization

At Be Right Burger, we're not afraid to think outside the bun. Our chefs are constantly experimenting with new flavors and combinations to bring you unique burger experiences. And if you're feeling creative, our build-your-own-burger option allows you to be the chef. Pick your patty, toppings, sauces, and bun to create a burger that's uniquely yours.


Community & Sustainability

We're not just a burger joint; we're a part of the community. We're dedicated to sustainable practices, supporting local farmers, and giving back to the neighborhoods we serve. When you choose Be Right Burger, you're not just getting a great meal; you're contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Find Us
Ready to experience burger perfection for yourself? Visit our Pirate's Grill location at Hampton University and savor the taste of Be Right Burger. 

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Thank you for choosing Be Right Burger®. We can't wait to serve you a burger that's just right!

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