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Faculty & Staff Dining Room
at Holly Tree Inn

Step into the Faculty & Staff Dining Room at Holly Tree Inn, a historic establishment with roots dating back to 1888. Originally conceived and constructed by Hampton students, this three-story building has played various roles over the years. It served as a residence hall for single women, faculty and staff, and currently houses students. Adjoined to the Inn, you'll find a welcoming dining room reserved for faculty, staff, and their visitors.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 

Breakfast 7:00a - 9:30a

Lunch 11:30a - 1:30p

Our menus at Holly Tree Inn change on a weekly basis. To find the menu for the current week, click on the correct week.
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Week 1 Menus

Week1 Menus

Week 2 Menus

Week 2 Menus

Week 3 Menus

Wek 3 Menu

Week 4 Menus

Wee 4 Menus
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